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General dentistry

The practice of general dentistry involves the prevention, diagnoses and treatment of conditions, diseases or injuries related to the teeth, gums, jaw and mouth.
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dental hygiene

Delmar Dental Medicine has three experienced registered dental hygienists who administer our extensive periodontal maintenance and diagnostic program.

In addition to dental cleanings and exams, our hygienists take x-rays and do a wide variety of periodontal procedures such as charting, root planing and deep scaling. These procedures are most effective in treating early periodontal disease.

Our dental hygienists are also in charge of the cosmetic bleaching program. Bleaching brightens teeth that are discolored or stained. Our hygienists can dispense a bleaching system for you to use at home.

dental sterilization

We have many different products that are designed to prevent the spread of infection. All of the latest technology is used at Delmar Dental Medicine to insure the safety of our staff, patients and the doctor.

All clinical staff regularly wear masks, gloves, gowns and protective eyewear. We utilize many disposable items to insure sterilization, such as polyethylene barriers. At the high-tech end of the spectrum are the fast autoclaves, which are heat sterilizers for our dental instruments.


teeth cleaning delmar ny albany ny

New Dental Technologies and Services Available in our Office

Three Dimensional X-rays (3D cone beam computed tomography - 3DBCT)

The new 3D digital x-ray uses 1/10th the radiation of the original CT scans. It is used for visualizing all anatomical structures in 3D. It's the future of digital imaging and is used in advanced surgical procedures and difficult to diagnose conditions, diseases and infections.

Laser Surgery and Treatments (Diode Laser)

Lasers are going to have an increasing role in dentistry. Lasers are used for treating periodontal disease, removing small tissue growths & fibromas, cosmetic gum surgery, pain relief from canker sores & herpetic lesions (cold sores), teeth whitening and many minor surgical procedures done with less post-operative discomfort.

Anesthetic Reversal Agent

This is an injectable agent used to reverse the numbness a patient has following a dental procedure. The numbness will disappear in about 1/2 the time it usually takes. Please let me know if you are interested in this product.

Intra-Oral Camera

Intra-oral cameras are used in conjunction with a computer or with a television monitor to take a picture of the outside of the tooth.